Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


Holistic doula was started by doula and mother, Wendy

Meet the founding Mother, Wendy van der Zijden.

“I launched holistic doula with the idea that the products I use on my newborn baby should be so safe she could eat it. Simple and pure. Products that met my new intuitive mother feeling. I wanted to mother her in my own way and was desperatly in search for products that met my high standards of natural mothering.”

– Wendy

What’s your worth?

Allowing the thought to hire a doula is the first step in taking care of yourself. Many of the women that I work with told me afterwards that the process of hiring me was not the easiest. 

It is allowing a woman to hold space for you, to support you, to nourish you, to hear you, to massage you, wipe your tears, and so much more. It is about taking your space and expressing your needs towards your partner. Partners, if you are reading this and want to give your beautiful woman a gift, this is it. You don’t fully have to understand why she wants or ‘needs’ a doula, it will evolve her as a woman. This birth experience will impact her and your baby in many ways.


Pregnancy is an invitation to soften. To sink into your womb, your pelvis, your heart. It’s an invitation to listen to your body, your wisdom, your knowing. It’s the time to connect deeply with your baby right from conception. 


But accepting the invitation is not always an easy ride. Opening and growing new life inside can trigger hidden fears, trauma, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and so on. This can be manifested by extreme nausea or other physical inconveniences, your body is your guidance tool. But luckily we are here to experience both sides of the spectrum. Pregnancy is the time to bloom, grow, evolve, slow down, enjoy life, love, connect, make music, dance, connect with nature and others.

As your doula I will stand beside you on this journey and it’s my work to create a safe healing space where everything is welcome. Dark and light. In the end, it’s all the same.

Slow down

Pregnancy and birth slowly became a very masculine event in our Western world. Pregnancy is not the time to ‘work hard’ till our maternity leave. It’s the time we are being invited to slow down to prepare for motherhood, to deeply feel, reflect and experience life growing inside of use. Honoring ourselves and our amazing bodies instead of wanting to get back in shape as soon as possible after giving birth.

It’s the time to heal deep wounds before we birth into mother, and father. It’s the time to heal our relationship with our own parents and with each other. It is for sure not the easy road, but you will be rewarded with such an empowering experience that will change the rest of both your lives for ever. 

Free yourself

I will empower you to stay committed, to take your power back, to take responsibility, use your voice and speak your truth. I promise you: it’s so liberating and your reward is big. Your situation doesn’t matter. If you are about to birth at home or in a hospital.

It’s time to step into your feminine power again.

Birth is something not to be thought in workshops or by all the techniques out there these days. If you remember who you are, you know how to birth your baby your way. I would feel honored to support you on this journey within.